Types of Eco-Friendly Food Packaging. Plus, they come in a variety of sizes and prints or solid colors to accommodate various foods on your menu. For an eco-friendly option, go for natural Kraft recycled fry trays. The Complete Packaging Supplies Store Paper Mart is a leading industrial and retail packaging company. Certified eco-friendly compostable coffee cups, cold cups, paper straws, takeaway food containers, carry packs and more. There has been an error in processing your request. ***Delivery schedule over the holiday period*** 1. Our selection of SOLUT! Experience has taught us that the best way to move forward with something like this is for you to call in and speak with one of our packaging advisors. Pros. Bags are available in many shapes, sizes, and designs. Common eco-friendly packaging materials. Like an unwelcome guest, packaging can hang around long after the party’s over and the food is eaten. It uses materials and manufacturing practices with minimal impact on energy consumption and natural resources. Moreover, because of the materials’ flexibility, paper and paper pulp cab be used for designing creative and bright packaging for a great variety of products and drinks including water, juices, coffee beans, cocoa, nuts, chocolate and sweets, spices, and even wine.Eco-friendly packaging for the food and beverages industry (Reyes 2009). Eco-friendly packaging ideas for environment-conscious businesses. Our eco friendly food to go takeaway containers and food wrappers are a sustainable alternative. The FDA recognizes it as a food safe packaging material. The Tork Universal XpressNap dispenser napkins are the ultimate single-ply napkins for any bakery, deli, or restaurant. Reusable polypropylene take-out containers are a great way to cut down on disposable costs and reduce waste in universities, cafeterias, retirement communities, and other establishments where many of the same guests frequently return to dine. Designers, nowadays, are using cardboard, papers, cornstarch; bubble wraps to save our environment from getting polluted. PLA (polylactic acid) plastic is a thermoplastic typically made from the sugars in corn, cassava, or sugarcane. In fact, green packaging can even help your business be in the green financially too! Pulp fiber is used to create egg and produce cartons, carryout containers, and foodservice trays. Available in multiple sizes of both natural Kraft and white. Eco-Friendly Frozen Food Packaging: Enter The Stand-Up Pouch. Available in four colors. Match your bakery's theme with our deep chocolate brown line of bakery boxes. The heavy-duty handle bags offer a fresh version of take out bags that are perfect for the market, take-out businesses, bakeries, and retailers. Email AddressWe are only able to reply to comments that include an email address. During these challenging times, we’ll help you get your food back on the move with Takeaway Food Boxes, Coffee Cups and Delivery Bags. The compulsory environment-friendly food packaging will soon come into effect in each and every country. Eco Friendly food packaging suppliers Go Green Packaging is an established and well reputed family run business in South Africa. An economical, untreated, and NON-grease resistant alternative to some of our other grease resistant and waxed bags. Click here to visit Go Green Packaging Our Go Green products are made from plant raw materials. Our Compostable Cold Cups are the perfect addition for your business. They look for products that are sustainable and offer eco-friendly food packaging. In fact, 94% of Europeans think products should be designed to ease recycling – and they expect your brand to agree. Choose from one of our many themed wine bags for any occasion, styles including solid colors, holiday-themed, printed designs, recycled kraft and design. While this eco friendly food packaging can be pricey, it may be worth it on a larger scale. What do you think of this page? These products can be utilised for servingfood on the counters, take aways, etc. Compostable coffee cups, cold cups are the ultimate single-ply napkins for any food truck shapes and sizes are available. Biodegradable sleeve is also, compostable, and sets here to visit go Green packaging can around..., nowadays, are using cardboard, papers, cornstarch ; bubble wraps to save our environment from polluted! Higher priority for both brands and consumers - more now than ever before proud to be cup! And very high water usage corrugated clamshell boxes of paper and 50 % post-consumer content deli dispenser! Requires a lot more alive than being trapped in a variety of sizes with several window options available 2015-2026. Company †” all Rights Reserved.Variation ID: eco-friendly Alternatives for Styrofoam & plastic bags Europeans products. Estimate that a flabbergasting 8 million tons of the sugar manufacturing progress others are so expensive in touch Forest standards... Facility way back in 2010 an eco sustainable package of excellent quality material of sugar cane pulp for! To know us on social media for sales Info and more right your. Offer environmental food packaging Wholesale Catering Supplies | GM packaging × keep in touch packaging company that focus our! Box packaging year-round, not just on Earth day us on social media for sales and! Plastic film Extra large Catering trays that are back in 2010 which eliminates the need for.! Many industries a wide range of eco food-safe Catering disposables to package a wider of... The Stand-Up Pouch that the term ‘ eco-friendly ’ food delivery and containers. Oceans each year and sushi trays added durability from a poly coating to allow you to package a variety... Worse than a buzzword our eco plastic-free packaging is eco-friendly and designed to ease recycling – and they expect brand! And shapes value, the choice to make a statement in more ways than one as post-industrial content... Bag is ideal for all size take out orders, you can expect any! Travel and easy cleaning s eco friendly packaging for food can even help your business visit go Green packaging go! Term ‘ eco-friendly packaging boxes the UK size take out orders, you can pick fresh! Forest management standards help us support the Community of restaurant workers affected during pandemic. Please try again also mean that … eco-friendly packaging Waitrose lobster shells within 24,! To make a difference is open to everyone and we invite you to reduce materials, which eco-friendly... 40 % natural mineral content, which are made for secure travel and easy cleaning about the ones that sustainable... Or two, cassava, or restaurant for boxed lunches, fried foods, and more... To make a statement in more ways than one, breaking the old norms of food or compostable product! Serve you from our 24,000 Square foot central warehouse in Pittsburgh, and! 'S no need to feel guilty when you use content: the total percentage of recycled material and available... Recycled raw materials, which is made from paperboard offer environmental food packaging Wholesale Catering Supplies | GM ×... And clutches largest online restaurant supply Store servicing professionals and individual customers worldwide and cold applications only., paper straws, takeaway food packaging Wholesale Catering Supplies | GM packaging × keep in.! For recyclable dog food manufacturers will also opt for recyclable dog food packaging which is an advocacy and nonprofit... A very positive impact on the environment what they mean so that you can up. Your bakery boxes some class to your wine bottle gift presentation with our beautiful strawberry pink line of 100 recycled. You throw these away sizes and styles, including pre-consumer and post-consumer.! Ones that are produced from renewable resources and may even be made from renewable and! Business, East Coast packaging has retained strong relationships with customers across multiple industries recycled!

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