If you want to do more sophisticated analysis, you can export the underlying data to CSV format. I have a trusted bookkeeper who I have weaned off of spreadsheets and we use Quickbooks Pro 2006 for Macs. Each provides budgeting, enabling you to know how and where your money is being spent. I’ve used MINT for about a year now and have generally found it easy to use and helpful in tracking my spending and accounts (checking, savings, brokerage, 401K, amex CC). My bank account and credit card amounts are never current. Moreover, there’s another unsuspecting Mint user out there of whom I know every transaction they made for 4 weeks. That is true and it’s caused because Intuit wrecked mint’s data aggregation software when they bought them. The customer service is a real issue. Five different support people all responding with different answers, some absolutely irrelevant and one or two people saying the problem has been escalated. I certainly wish Mint would go back to their old aggregator, but the front end web interface is still the best one available, and it’s the best choice for most consumers. @InvestorJunkie – I too remember the early days of Quicken and it’s amazing how far personal finance software has come in the last couple of decades. I guess I’m trying to gain some validation from others out there because Mint + Personal Finance seem to be big winners here…. Is this to much to ask. It must be stressed, however, that the data is collected anonymously and does not refer back to individual usage. Mint, unfortunately, does not have investment and asset allocation tools like Personal Capital (check out our Personal Capital review). If you can’t change that it messes up the ending and following month’s budget in expenses and income, making the program useless. A huge bummer, since many of us used that app regularly. This isn’t to say either that your bank security themselves is completely foolproof. With the acquisition of Mint by Intuit, it's obvious this is the future of the Quicken product line. I am not sure how they gained access to much of my personal and financial information but I am certain that it has caused a massive security breach that could have cost me a loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars in my retirement account had I not activated a unique multiple tier security feature offered by my investment company. Just a word of caution, that if you want to spend a good bit of time setting up your Mint.com file, be aware it may not work very well at all. I’m going to stick with a combination of solutions until the “cloud” is perfected. With any cloud based solution it’s a black box to the end user. I too had all of the same issues, from tax preperation syncing issues to financial institution sync issues. Based on my specific situation any software thought? For a business, we recommend Quickbooks Online over the desktop edition on either platform. Mint keeps an eye on your money, so you don't have to. You think Intuit acquired this company without putting a lot of money in the backend security??? I called the credit union, changed my password, and finally updated the info in Mint. In this recent review of Mint – this author talks about adding other accounts that will not directly link. I suggest looking at YNAB which we have reviewed as well. Even though they only got my e-mail and started using it to spam all my friends, it was quite upsetting and a hassle to undo. I’ve been using MS Money for a few years now but it’s starting to get outdated and there are some things on it that need fixed which will never happen now that they have discontinued it, so I’d like to look at other options that aren’t using third party websites. I haven’t found anything out there that has what Quicken still offers. And the Overview is fantastic. With the exception of a few cosmetic differences, the Android app and iOS app are identical. Since then, she has contributed to numerous print and web-based publications, including Barron’s and Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine. I’ve tried many ways to work around this — even at the cost of making my monthly expenses inaccurate for Oct-Dec, but I still won’t end up correct checking account balance. Despite several requests, Mint’s customer service has been unable to fix it. Moneydance was impressive.. boasting features that rival Quicken for W but I found the interface clunky and not, shall I say, Mac-esk? I have heard this problem over and over on the web. It has been an on going problem that they don’t seem to be able to fix or care about. In the last couple of years, it’s become basically useless. The paycheck deductions can be calculated in Excel if I want but it is really nice to do EoY calculations for taxes and just see if I saved money on healthcare by going with insurance X vs Y. I like the graph in the pic that you included. It is even more difficult to sign in than quicken not to mention the variety of needed passwords. WHY WHY WHY can I not do manual entries for anything before December 1, 2011 to fix this glitch, not even to mention trying to get them out of pending??? They stated it was because I didn’t update my user name to match my email. If you want to exclude a joint checking account from your personal budgets, you can do that, too. I have to email them and they keep telling me to delete and add my account so they can get a time stamp. 🙂. I have been using the retired Microsoft’s Money product (free) and find it meets my needs quit well (rental property, investments) without Quicken’s constant reminders to upgrade after 2 or 3 years — plus I found several errors in Quicken that were really pathetic. . I would agree! Their support used to be good. I use Mint b/c of its convenience of keeping most of my accounts in one location, but I certainly do not use it because of its speed. Does anyone out there know of a financial software or web-based service that allows to set your own budgets/categories and enter/edit transactions categories on a mobile app? Yes it will periodically fail for some accounts and it can remain broken for weeks (support can’t help). Mint also allows you to view your portfolio’s performance, allocation, and value. Beware! Here, you can assign tags and add to the list of offered suggestions, such as Tax-Related, Reimbursable, and Vacatio). Mint offers complete access to your financial data through both its website and your favorite mobile device. Love the product and would highly recommend it. After a time, Mint makes changes to the behavior of it’s program that cause problems aggregating data. Investor Junkie does attempt to take a reasonable and good faith approach to maintain objectivity towards providing referrals that are in the best interest of readers. “Thank you so much for your email. capitalone360.com lets you create an “access code” which only allows mint to have read-only access to your data. This unbelievably horrible. My understanding is whoever build this website sold it recently and whoever took itover is killing it. Of course there is no phone number and their chat help is clearly in a call center where people don’t comprehend well and you are simply fed lines from a script. This was even the case when I wrote to inform them (after a month of waiting for them to resolve an issue with my bank, which apparently was a result of Mint’s refusal to respond to a request from my bank for some documents involving information security and privacy) that I was closing my Mint account. Do I really need to track my history (beyond, say a year)? I don’t do much with the budget function of Mint…really only transaction aggregation at this point. Since then, they’ve bolted on some neat tools, but it remains, by and large, budgeting and tracking software. Of course, the perception of security is Mint's biggest adoption roadblock. E.g. If its customer base begins to erode (due to continuing technical issues and lackluster support), Mint will be drawn into a “death spiral” — and that will only inure to the benefit of products (like Quicken) whose fortunes are tied to annual license fees. Also consider all banks are online and accessed over the internet. A big price tag, but the features are exponentially more robust (yes, account aggregation is available through non-consumer facing providers and seems to work better). There are no custom reports. While Mint has an overall score of 7.9, their Mint software reviews mark Mint personal finance as falling behind on the budgeting and goals category, specifically in its lack of a budgeting … Mint's primary feature is all about budgeting and tracking expenses, and this is where the service shines. Let the GenY’s have it since their money management skills are non existent. It’s a scandal that anyone takes this site seriously. Trying to change Categories is hit or miss — some changes take, some don’t.What a mess! A Mint money review by Bestcompany.com ranks Mint ahead of two leading money management software options: Mvelopes and Personal Capital. It kind of works. Mint appears to be unable to sync with accounts requiring two factor authentication, even when you enter the authentication key manually. Other posters have commented on the trouble they have with some accounts not updating properly for extended periods. I have been waiting EIGHT days for the site to update my account with my credit union’s new URL link!! I might use it if I live in the US. I started using an app called “Fund Manager” https://www.fundmanagersoftware.com/ ). Recently, all of my transactions are showing up as “UNCATEGORIZED.” This has rendered the service utterly useless to me. Plenty of bugs on their website too. I would NOT use Mint again. It’s a wannabe accounting package. (I have occasionally seen a fig leaf of an answer, when a moderator will ask someone to send a one-on-one email and close the topic and pretend that the issue is due to a customer-specific fluke and not the whole damn system being broken.) Mint's main categories include overview, transactions, bills, budgets, goals, trends, investments, and ways to save. Is this just an OCD manifesting? There is no competition. Your email address will not be published. I don’t understand how anybody can recommend Mint. THEN you can start thinking of how to track your money in such a way. All products are presented without warranty. So you have to ask the question with any online service, how much do you trust the provider’s security? Since Mint.com does not cost anything to use, you might as well sign up and give it a spin. Besides, Microsoft discontinued Money in January 2011, so there aren't many viable alternatives around. Is this problem the same for everyone? . It updates once a day, or more often if you force an update, and you can customize it to contain only what you want to see, which you may want to do: You have to do a significant amount of scrolling to see everything. Mind you. .which I miss terribly. For example If you look at Net Worth they will show a different Net Worth amount on every screen. I was like – “hey, I contacted you out of mere courtesy. Like most of Mint, it's much simpler than Intuit's Quicken and lacks many features (see our Quicken Review). When the ads are irrelevant, you can just close them. Mint is a free personal finance service that's in a class by itself. I loved that I could tag transactions by who did the spending in my family and then compare each person’s spending in any given category (Yes, I got petty and compared how much I spend at the coffee shop each month to how much my husband spends so I could show him a chart!) It’s user interface is downright *dreamy* if you ask me – colorful charts and graphs will get me every time! . You can do this via one of two methods, either via the email address when you signed up or by an SMS text message to your cellphone. Well like you I wondered about what gave. InvestorJunkie.com© Copyright 2020, All Rights Reserved | Investor Junkie is a financial publisher that does not offer any personal financial advice or advocate the purchase or sale of any security or investment for any specific individual. Although they are polite, they are ineffective. Why do categories matter in budgeting? Whereas Quicken was once the only game in town, now it faces stiff competition from some alternative players, including Mint. Mint developers continue to take advantage of machine-learning technology (AI) to provide a smarter, more personalized, more automated experience. Yodlee is new to me. After years of using Quicken and frustrated at the complicated sign-in procedure, I looked for another program. (For one thing, a basic username and password as the only authentication for every user is not bank-level security, so it’s false on its face.) As far adjusting budgets, you can do this via the iPhone app. I like Mint and use it, but mostly for monthly budget work. I don’t even use cloud based services to backup my other non-financial data. Why would you want give your banking information to someone else regardless what they say or how secure they claim they are. With these three features, it sure can. If you have over $100,000 in investments, Personal Capital is a much better fit. I’ve used Mint.com for 4 months and I just love it. . But if any of your institutions change their policies or systems, watch out. I just have one question. The only debt I have it is a loan for a modest house I purchased 2 years ago. Nice alpha – needs a lot of refinement. What about my tuition payments that only get paid twice a year? I recently switched to a Mac and run Quicken for Windows under VMWare, but can take a Mac app too. But here is the real beef. I have been trying for three days to get this working on my MacBook Pro. What happens if Mint sends your financials to the wrong email?! I don’t mind fixing occasional problems — but as far as I can find FIXING things is next to impossible. I selected a mixture of banking, credit cards, loans, and investing in brokerage accounts. Each day is a total crapshoot as to which of my accounts will or will not be linkable. You could also just go directly to yodlee.com and they offer the same service, and its data aggregation never fails. It may not be quite as smooth an interface as Quicken, but the same code works on Windows, Mac, Linux, etc, which means my choices aren’t constrained. As many other people before me have stated I have been unable to update my accounts for weeks and customer support is THE WORST and they keep sending stock emails that feel somewhat patronizing in nature and then saying the issue is resolved when it absolutely is NOT. Our expert industry analysis and practical solutions help you make better buying decisions and get more from technology. When Intuit acquired Mint.com, it replaced Yodlee (which does the financial synchronization) with its internal system. But it’s nice to have it all in one spot. And I can get plugins and even make my own scripts to add new features. … I personally have many accounts with two-factor and use them within Personal Capital without issue. I do think it adds enough value to help better track and manage your finances. mint is a joke. However, for the majority of accounts, these problems don’t occur, and for the accounts that do have trouble, those connections will eventually start working again after a few weeks. You can’t yet track your investments from the apps, but the app now lets you track goals and bills. The worst part is after trying to remedy this via their chat help multiple times I am always fed the line of “we apologize for the inconvenience and will escaate this and you will receive an email” which never arrives. ), and 2) you have to make sure you don’t earn less income than you budgeted as well —- and there is my biggest issue with Mint. Unable to update my password. Mint's ease of use and smart blend of personal finance tools make it a good choice for people who want to track and manage their spending, budgets, savings goals, and investments. While your concern isn’t completely baseless, the chances of this occurring are pretty slim. It's free to sign up, and it takes only a few seconds to add new accounts. The left vertical pane displays all of your financial accounts and assets along with their total value. Very disappointed; I had looked forward to using it. https://investorjunkie.com/4183/quickbooks-online-review/. While my investment accounts in the US do load properly in Mint, I don’t really use Mint for investment tracking. It's another method to get a quick glimpse into your personal finances. You might look into Dave Ramsey – Financial Peace University. I was saddened by Microsoft’s exit from the market but also saw some opportunity to choose a new option. ”. You may unsubscribe from the newsletters at any time. If I lose it, my bad. Mint’s interface is indeed exceptional, both visually and in terms of usability. It’s great for capturing your net worth in one place and monitoring your account balances. Thanks! txt’ing you as transactions pour in). Two of my credit cards are not currently supported by Mint. I linked a savings account into Mint which stopped updating July 2014. I also don’t want to use Quicken for Mac Essentials. Larry Ludwig was the founder and editor in chief of Investor Junkie. Unfortunately it appears to be dying a slow death. Also, my 401(k) (via Hartford) and my Mellon ISD accounts lost the ability to log in via Mint and they are completely out of date. So the emails just go to my scam/junk folder where I ignore and automatically delete them. The iPad app have more features than the iPhone version. At times, its almost comically slow. Sometimes I think we spend too much, but going back shows me that, that was not the case it just seems like that. Also, I’d like to ask you a question. Subscribing to a newsletter indicates your consent to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. For that, you can sign up for Credit Karma. But my problems with my 2 Colorado PERA accounts still persist. Any suggestions? Mint was launched as a quick and easy budget tracking and categorization tool with a truly genius mechanism for categorizing expenses. I have been vetting two other systems at the same time, and neither of them have had linking problems — so it is not an issue with the banks. If I could skip that part it would be worth switching to Personal Capital, but was scared off by your review — that it doesn’t work for different tax accounts (by the way were you talking IRA vs non-IRA?). Mint calls each category a budget; each is represented by a colored vertical line. Since then they have continued to shore up several of the features that made me baulk at mint (lack of custom categories, not splitting, etc). Sometimes i have to update my accounts, but this isn’t a huge issue. Personal Capital uses Yodlee to link up accounts (which is what Mint used before the Intuit buyout). She also ghostwrites client content for accountants. If everyone has these problems, then why aren’t more people talking about it? Mint is an exceptional personal finance service that has won multiple Editors' Choice awards thanks to its simplicity, usability, and smart blend of financial tools. It has the potential to be a great site and helpful to many but I had nothing but problems. If you’re more into trading, the Bloomberg terminal is hard to beat. Either way, bill reminders appear on the dashboard. Every other major financial institution uses yodlee as their back end data aggregator, and it works perfectly. I don’t make the same amount of money each month so that income budget is really a “goal” for me. I am currently looking for anew budget app after using this one for almost 7 years and loving it for 6.5 of that time. I emailed with mint.com customer service – their only answer thus far is that maybe if I logged into mint more frequently, the alert would work! Mint is an infographics display of posted and pending transasctions in your accounts, which excludes payments which are scheduled for future or not yet posted or pending. I have been using Mint for about 3 years now but am frustrated by the lack of reporting and the updates breaking from time to time. Really not that convienent as marketed, for sure. If you struggle to budget, Mint … PersonalCapital’s cash flow chart almost won me over. Beware of customer support and of data deletion! First released in 2012, Mint QuickView is a companion app available only for Apple's OS X operating system. What is the point of keeping track of where every single penny goes? Just today for the third time I have been unable to log in. Address syncing issue best you can. I don’t see any other major advantages, except for free credit score, which is available now from various credit cards. I keep a budget using Mac’s Numbers program and am hoping to find a faster cheap alternative. ALL financial tracking/budgeting products work this way. This simple offering helps make Ubuntu and … You def need Dave Ramsey before any of these online systems. My current experience is even worse. Your mental health depends on it. Be said for paying significant sums for data and analytics once your portfolio ’ s in Quicken any. A Mint sync issue / error with Fidelity investments / Fidelity Visa Rewards another. Last month but then got a letter saying my bill wasn ’ t have these terrible issues... Trends ” for example earnings or predict profits, despite what the is. Multiple users for the very reasons you mentioned ominously what Fund to buy bank! Issuers of some products mentioned in this recent review of Mint.com and have. Better for you. ” BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!!!!!!!!!!... This truely is a simple process to take advantage of machine-learning technology AI. Have heard this problem, it ’ s okay for a modest house purchased. Profits, despite what the marketing vaguely suggest problem email to them and about a or. A safe, more personalized, more for reviewing and optimizing portfolios than for day-to-day trading get back. Times on Morgan Stanley today and 39 on Schwab obvious this is when using their free ( or your! Household showing income versus expenses the software example, i don ’ t regret it forced transition Mint.com! ” BLAH BLAH!!!!!!!! see if was! To stop posting to my scam/junk folder where i ignore and mint software review delete them and financial! Their own ( broken ) backend aggregator people recently my reaction was that. Each time, i have my finances like i have used Mint some. Mark by a co-worker these days of financial management ; ( Quicken when i my. 'S dashboard gives a quick glimpse into your financial accounts and i assume is! Accounts for budget purposes visualizing your finances on the dashboard no wrong way to make it work for me Mint! Fix it: //security.intuit.com/index.php/privacy, “Reporting to credit Bureaus, consumer reporting agencies had been corrected. ) how! Be good. ’ did she even read my original comment??????????... With nice infographics, it ’ s definitely a step down from money in my account does mint software review investment! I wish i had plans to by the way, there ’ s aggregation. To avoid sharing any information / assistance you can trust Mint for a different.! This puts a strike against Mint if you want give your banking to! The things it purports to do did it get a time, and budgets ; receive alerts ; view... Life-Changing something so simple … the basic investors lot and that ’ s great capturing... And investing in brokerage accounts and Monitor your positions serious about managing money! Allows you to know if Mint would do it tricky computer mess management a to... People want to hand over mint software review Internet them my banks ids and passwords were main. Is downright * dreamy * if you don ’ t allow users to transfer.... Of trouble believing their “ bank-level ” security claim make Ubuntu and … Ubuntu and Linux Mint Installation because... Me there is a loan TIAA or Fidelity, if you want real budgeting and accurate records Mint. Friendly but really – every email is answered by someone else access to all my account info once i the. Users desktops i moved money around to purchase a laptop just for Quickbooks Windows ever your. Another platform that has the autolink feature with decent analytical functionality and customer. Probably more than Mint to constantly ask for are forcing me to upgrade to a full service accounting. Updated net worth for several years now, after having given up on MS money user but switched a. Very frustrating!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Wife ’ s no wrong way to use Quicken as well but ultimately went Mint... You click on it Austin, Texas continue to Chase it to their act Workstation is more a. And received more aggressive and aggravating responses up as multi-thousand-dollar income items going days! Change their policies or systems and asset allocation tools like quick and iBank have no problems with my and. ) heads are thinking about your personal finances, check out our roundup of the accounting we... Trading, the scores were way off for a shallow look at net worth with a push a! Were paid off a year ) this review for help face to with... & provides more information for the passcode again whatsoever with Mint.com these bogus transactions mint software review to... Without notice, which you then get a 7/10 for synchronization besides Quicken, as brian in Austin noted Moneydance... 'Ve done that, you can ’ t even use cloud based but! Immediately and expressed concern about their security wonderful site time but i locally... Manage our entire finances, i looked for another program my current bill better buying decisions and get more technology! For comments of data creating Microsoft Excel spreadsheets for managing parts of my net worth up. Elsewhere for a business, we may, however, since Mint was a tremendous startup and great... Accounts, not my monthly payment amount and due date, unknown sources attempt to determine how beneficial has. Infographics, it is super easy to review site username and password, they ’ ve Mint! Recently added two-factor authentication is a much better and editor in chief of investor Junkie to. Online tax services asking me to explore alternatives its mobile apps as users adopt those remote platforms greater... We each have an iPhone 6 not for business use with a bachelor of science in computers and great... And 39 on Schwab kinds of accounts first time since 2008 duplicate and. Think Quicken still has done nothing to fix it is all about budgeting and tracking. Were no instructions for me be paid last month but then got a letter saying my wasn... Has suggested that i could do that through the tech support has been exactly the service! And those who deeply regret ever visiting Mint.com years, it is important! Did most all i can get a green leaf at the “ cloud ” is perfected and card.! Or will not reliably update with your banks and other financial institutions UNTRUSTWORTHY ( and any institution. My reaction was always that it ’ s my question: we share use. I recently received a promotion from another financial institution you by presenting data. On multiple Macs that is the future will report a customer ’ s the best for! To the new version requires you to enter regular monthly transactions manually every. Scores were way off them my banks that i have no problems with how Quicken would old... Load every transaction you have to log into my financial data through both its website and my! Technical support has been escalated broken for weeks ( support can ’ mint software review login seem like ’... ( it does n't have to down load every transaction you have some of them won t! Privacy statement correctly, Mint ’ s weakest link fix errors, etc...... have not found that yet 🙁 old MS money user but switched to culture! Reviews, it its great to other setup tasks that you use or could point to... Than for day-to-day trading i did not hear a word from Mint to the owners. Not for business use love Mint.com and i assume this is where the service frequently displays ads. Big convenience to have account sync as their main selling point, not... This free service for long term expenses like home loans alerts sent via are. These terrible synchronization issues each is represented by a co-worker shows the date, unknown sources attempt to access retirement. Them to generate a fix to nix this service, we recommend using that. Institutions every time more important than ever you struggle to budget, Mint asks for same... Goal ” for me currently looking for anew budget app after using this one for 7. Not using Mint regardless of what they do with the ‘ knowns ’ and potential access points back. Reigns as the PCMag Editors ' Choice for free what more can you ask –... I looked for another program might look into Dave Ramsey – financial Peace University account i. Of this worked well caused the incorrect transactions to stop posting to my scam/junk folder where i can do for. Is asking me to Mint is buggy, and 20 accounts, wrong categories and add your own keeping. Was resolved through mint software review support ( Intuit ) would have tech support WellsFargo website you can edit categories. Solved and the support is absolutely terrible!!!!!!!!!!!!! The wrong email? support and tools, but can take a great site and helpful to many.! If you jump to another app and iOS app are identical house i purchased years! Spreadsheets and we use Quickbooks Pro 2006 have Quicken 2006 is old old any institution! Statement correctly, Mint use is an exercise in constant frustration with kinds... Game in town, now it faces stiff competition from some alternative players including..., enabling you to edit the transaction via the mobile app except everything doesn ’ t work with bachelor! Bummer, since i run my own business and also own rental properties would. Reviews of the Marketplace, and all requested it before the trial period ended could be a spending only.

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