[6] Confucius's clan name was 孔, OC:*‍kʰˤoŋʔ, mod. This way of instructing was wholly in tune with what Confucius believed to be the role of a teacher. Each warlord ruled a feudal state. Contemporary scholarship on Confucian thought, https://www.britannica.com/biography/Confucius, Age of the Sage - Transmitting the Wisdoms of the Ages - Biography of Confucius. Confucius is said to have lost his father when he was three and to have studied in his early youth. Because his vision of personal and social perfections was framed as a revival of the ordered society of earlier times, Confucius is often considered a great proponent of conservatism, but a closer look at what he proposes often shows that he used (and perhaps twisted) past institutions and rites to push a new political agenda of his own: a revival of a unified royal state, whose rulers would succeed to power on the basis of their moral merits instead of lineage. Every human relationship is a balancing act, and the one between child and parents is the most demanding yet the most deserving of attention and patience, because it is rooted in love and the child’s earliest memories of warmth and affection. The Analects is the work most closely associated with Confucius. Confucius was born in the state of Lu. [4][5], The name "Confucius" is a Latinized form of 孔夫子; Kǒng Fūzǐ (Master Kǒng), and was coined in the late 16th century by the early Jesuit missionaries to China. September 28 is widely observed in East Asia as Confucius’s birthday. In addition, it has a raised brick platform at the front of the memorial for offerings such as sandalwood incense and fruit. in Tuo, China during a time of ideological crisis. Thus, he speculated on ways of extending the heart’s potential and on how the larger world would be affected if that potential were fulfilled. He was married at the age of 19 and had one son and two daughters. Confucius was an influential Chinese philosopher, teacher and political figure known for his popular aphorisms and for his models of social interaction. [29] Thereafter, the heads of the three families and the duke retreated to the Ji's palace complex and ascended the Wuzi Terrace. Once he grew up, he worked as a state official who handled farms and cattle. [53] 22 of them are mentioned in the Analects, while the Mencius records 24. Confucius was born around 551 BC in Zhou times. The first known effort was by Michele Ruggieri, who returned to Italy in 1588 and carried on his translations while residing in Salerno. But the more discerning among them set their goals higher. [54] Under Confucius's teachings, the disciples became well-learned in the principles and methods of government. Tibetan Buddhists see him as learning divination from the buddha Manjushri (and that knowledge subsequently reaching Tibet through Princess Wencheng), while Bon practitioners see him as being a reincarnation of Tonpa Shenrab Miwoche, the legendary founder of Bon. According to this account, Qi decided to sabotage Lu's reforms by sending 100 good horses and 80 beautiful dancing girls to the duke of Lu. He observed that Emperor Shun was able to order the world simply by perfecting his own humanity and by cultivating a respectful demeanour. [45][46] François Noël, after failing to persuade Clement XI that Chinese veneration of ancestors and Confucius did not constitute idolatry, completed the Confucian canon at Prague in 1711, with more scholarly treatments of the other works and the first translation of the collected works of Mencius. However, Confucius is said to have believed in astrology, saying: "Heaven sends down its good or evil symbols and wise men act accordingly".[38]. Among his earliest disciples, three stood out: Zigong, Zilu, and Yan Hui. In 1055, Emperor Renzong of Song first bestowed the title of "Duke Yansheng" on Kong Zongyuan of the 46th generation. Born in 551 B.C.E. [24] Confucius disapproved the use of a violent revolution by principle, even though the Ji family dominated the Lu state by force for generations and had exiled the previous duke. Confucius' ancestors were probably members of the aristocracy who had become virtual poverty-stricken commoners by the time of his birth. When he first heard it, he said, “I never imagined that music could be this beautiful,” and “for the next three months he did not notice the taste of meat” (Analects, 7:14). [17], Confucius was educated at schools for commoners, where he studied and learned the Six Arts. The brief account in this record prompted writers in later centuries to speculate about how Confucius might have behaved in this situation. [23] First, the Shu family led an army towards their city Hou and tore down its walls in 498 BC. She and Confucius were very poor, but he studied hard. The development of state temples devoted to the cult of Confucius was an outcome of his gradual canonisation. In the centuries after his death, Mencius (孟子) and Xun Zi (荀子) both composed important teachings elaborating in different ways on the fundamental ideas associated with Confucius. None of these stories could claim veracity, but, taken together, they humanized the characters involved and filled, if only imaginatively, the gaps in the historical sources. In 2006, the China Confucius Foundation commissioned a standard portrait of Confucius based on the Tang dynasty portrait by Wu Daozi. 289 BCE) took the idea in another direction, seeing it as a trope of Confucius’s achievements (Analects, 3:23). He espoused the well-known principle "Do not do unto others what you do not want done to yourself", the Golden Rule. Whereas Confucius looked upon music as the culmination of culture—of notes “bright and distinct” gathering in fluency and harmony—the Confucian philosopher Mencius (c. 371–c. In Taiwan, where the Nationalist Party (Kuomintang) strongly promoted Confucian beliefs in ethics and behavior, the tradition of the memorial ceremony of Confucius (祭孔) is supported by the government and has continued without interruption. Confucius is widely considered as one of the most important and influential individuals in human history. was the founder of the humanistic school of philosophy known as the Ju or Confucianism, which … 5 4 Reply. National Geographic - Culture - Who was Confucius? When was Confucius born? [29] Through Confucius' actions, the Bi officials had inadvertently revolted against their own lord, thus forcing Viscount Ji Huan's hand in having to dismantle the walls of Bi (as it could have harbored such rebels) or confess to instigating the event by going against proper conduct and righteousness as an official. The music of shao is associated with the story of how Shun ascended to power upon the decision of Emperor Yao (c. 24th century BCE), Shun’s predecessor, to abdicate in favour of a man who grew up in the wilds but whose love for virtue was like the rush of a torrent. “Just desire the good and the people will be good. [24][25] He immediately launched an attack and entered the capital Lu. Confucius’ teaching principals are focused on benevolence-仁. (Translated by James Legge) in the Great Learning (大學). He uses this knowledge to imagine the humanity in others, and he relies on his learning of rites and music to hold him to the right measure. Mencius, for his part, wanted to go much further by using his theory of human nature as the basis of an entire moral philosophy. Sacrifices to the spirit of Confucius and that of Yan Hui, his most prominent disciple, began in the Imperial University (Biyong) as early as 241. He died at the age of 73 on the 11th day of the fourth lunar month in the year 479 BCE. On the question of which of the human faculties should play the deciding role, Mencius opted for the heart while Xunzi favoured the mind. Confucius was born in the state of Lu at a time when local rulers failed to pay homage to the emperor of a declining Chou dynasty. Childhood & Early Life. He was second eldest among his siblings [and hence the name “Old Number Two”]. [88] In the 14th century, a Kong descendant went to Korea, where an estimated 34,000 descendants of Confucius live today. He was born on September, 8th, 551 BC. Confucius believed that if a ruler is to lead correctly, by action, that orders would be unnecessary in that others will follow the proper actions of their ruler. The man Confucius looked back to for inspiration and guidance was Zhougong (the Duke of Zhou)—a brother of the founder of the Zhou dynasty and the regent of the king’s young son Chengwang. Confucius was born in the domain of Zou, in modern Shandong Province, south of the larger kingdom of Lu. [101][102] It was unveiled in a ceremony at Qufu on September 24, 2009. Confucius was instrumental in establishing teaching as a vocation in China. Meanwhile, two of his disciples, Zigong and Ran Qiu, decided to leave Confucius in Wei and accept employment in the government of Lu. Who Is Confucius Chinese children call Confucius 孔子 or 孔 … It has a kind of magic because it reflects a rightness in sound or in human deliberation. But none of these connections landed Confucius a job. Born in 551 BC, Confucius was a young man when he set his heart and mind on learning as much as he could. A good example is found in this famous anecdote: By not asking about the horses, Confucius demonstrates that the sage values human beings over property; readers are led to reflect on whether their response would follow Confucius's and to pursue self-improvement if it would not have. recent questions recent answers. [21] By then, Confucius had built up a considerable reputation through his teachings, while the families came to see the value of proper conduct and righteousness, so they could achieve loyalty to a legitimate government. In Confucianism, the concept of li is closely related to yì (義), which is based upon the idea of reciprocity. Their apathy and ineptitude, however, allowed the common gentlemen—men like Confucius, who had once been in their service—to step in and take charge of the administrative functions of the government. The rest of his childhood was spent in poverty as Confucius was raised by his mother. If the descent were truly unbroken, father-to-son, since Confucius's lifetime, the males in the family would all have the same Y chromosome as their direct male ancestor, with slight mutations due to the passage of time. Among the reasons why Confucius was such a popular figure can be seen in his works. Besides, Confucius did not deny instruction to anyone who wanted to learn and was unwilling to give up when trying to solve a difficult problem. The oldest known portrait of Confucius has been unearthed in the tomb of the Han dynasty ruler Marquis of Haihun (died 59 BC). While pursuing one's own self-interest is not necessarily bad, one would be a better, more righteous person if one's life was based upon following a path designed to enhance the greater good. In 2011, an excavation of a Han dynasty tomb in the northern outskirts of the city of Nanchang, in Jiangxi province, uncovered a bamboo text of the Analects, a covered mirror with painted images of Confucius and two of his disciples, all identified by their names and short citations from the Analects, and Sima Qian’s biography of Confucius. [23] Eventually, after a year and a half, Confucius and his disciples succeeded in convincing the Shu family to raze the walls of Hou, the Ji family in razing the walls of Bi, and the Meng family in razing the walls of Cheng. They were honored with the rank of a marquis 35 times since Gaozu of the Han dynasty, and they were promoted to the rank of duke 42 times from the Tang dynasty to the Qing dynasty. The Zuo writer probably had at his disposal a wide range of scribal records, the most important of which were speeches of rulers and counselors and of men and women who had played a role in the political fate of their families and their states during the late Zhou dynasty. He is said to have been born in 551 B.C. Share with your friends. He claimed that he had gotten it from Confucius, though one learns from the Analects that Confucius did not like to talk about human nature (Analects, 5:13). Confucius (c. 551 BC – 21 Nov 479 BC) BIOGRAPHIES, 16 Nov 2020 . THE MAN WHO BECAME the father of Confucius was called Kung the Tall because he towered head and shoulders above everyone else in his village. In the century before Confucius’s birth, two or three of them simply acted on behalf of the king, and under their watch the empire managed to hold itself together and to keep enemies at bay. Learn more about China’s most famous teacher and philosopher, whose ideas are still influential today. Confucius began studying under the village tutor and, at the age of fifteen, devoted his life to study. In 1993, after the discovery of the bamboo-strip Analects, two other groups of manuscripts, on moral cultivation and political thought, were discovered in Hebei province, which led to a revival of scholarship on Confucian thought. Yet the gaps in the historical records were eventually beneficial, because they prompted later scholars to look for any trace of evidence that might reveal something new about him. Emboldened by his purpose, Confucius continued his journey to Chen, where he spent three uneventful years. The Chinese teacher and philosopher Confucius (551-479 B.C.) They either approached him directly for advice or used his disciples as intermediaries. “At 70,” he said, “I followed what my heart desired without overstepping the line” (Analects, 2:4). His disciples and the early Confucian community they formed became the most influential intellectual force in the Warring States period. If they be led by virtue, and uniformity sought to be given them by the rules of propriety, they will have the sense of the shame, and moreover will become good." According to the Shujing, a compilation of documents related to China’s early history, when the music was played in the court of Emperor Shun, not only men but gods and spirits, birds and beasts were drawn to it. Under Wudi, the works of Confucius were made the official imperial philosophy and required reading for civil service examinations in 140 BC which was continued nearly unbroken until the end of the 19th century. [29] Dubs (1949) suggests that the incident brought to light Confucius' foresight, practical political ability, and insight into human character. Yet he held his office for only a few years. He argued that the best government is one that rules through "rites" (lǐ) and people's natural morality, and not by using bribery and coercion. [53] Confucius considered his students' personal background irrelevant, and accepted noblemen, commoners, and even former criminals such as Yan Zhuoju and Gongye Chang. Confucius is traditionally credited with having authored or edited many of the Chinese classic texts including all of the Five Classics, but modern scholars are cautious of attributing specific assertions to Confucius himself. He is also a traditional deity in Daoism. Some asked about the idea of virtue, about the moral requisites for serving in government, or about the meanings of phrases such as “keen perception” and “clouded judgment” (Analects, 12:6; 12:10). According to legend, Confucius was born in a principality called Lu – where Shang culture remained strong. Confucius was born in 551 BC, to a family already far down the path from riches to rags, and worked as a cattle and sheep herder before becoming a reforming minister of crime. A disagreement between these two political philosophies came to a head in 223 BC when the Qin state conquered all of China. [56] As a likely consequence, it was after this that the first disciples of Confucius were appointed to government positions. In the Analects, Confucius presents himself as a "transmitter who invented nothing". When he was 23 his mother died, and is said to have mourned for three years. Confucius was born into the class of Shi that was between the aristocracy and the common people. Such a government, reinforced with the civilizing powers of rites and music, does not need complex laws and edicts to keep the people in check. He expressed fears that the masses lacked the intellect to make decisions for themselves, and that, in his view, since not everyone is created equal, not everyone has a right of self-government. But Shu-liang He died soon after Confucius’s birth, leaving his young widow to fend for herself. His critics included the three or four of his disciples who accompanied him on his exile. Unfortunately, such searches often led to imaginative conjectures about Confucius, as in the account by a writer of the 3rd century BCE in which Confucius described himself as a yellow chi (homeless dragon) swimming in the turbid water but drinking from the clear. Soon after, the duke neglected to send to Confucius a portion of the sacrificial meat that was his due according to custom, and Confucius seized upon this pretext to leave both his post and the Lu state. Confucius. [10] His ancestry traced back through the dukes of Song to the Shang dynasty which had preceded the Zhou. According to Chinese tradition, his ancestors had migrated from the Song state to the Lu state and Confucius was a descendant of the Shang dynasty Kings. America has helped rebuild other nations after wars, such as in Europe after World War II and in … He would tell them that no matter what sorts of transgressions they may have committed in the past, they could always recover their potential to do good if they applied themselves. When was Confucius born, What country did Confucius live in, Was Confucius considered to be one of the first Chinese philosophers. Not too when was confucius born. [ 60 ] ( jing ) Neo-Confucianism held sway in China in political! Ch ’ iu who was born in a principality called Lu – where Shang culture remained strong 24 2009. Born in a poor family in the historical part of the deepest teachings of.! He had a government job influential individuals in human history instrumental in establishing as. Political thought is the work most closely associated with Confucius political official whose commentary on literary! Two political philosophies came to a head in 223 BC when the parents are thinking of doing something wrong feet. Occasion by the mid-6th century BCE the Zhou dynasty – near modern day Qufu indicating that he when was confucius born plenty distractions—conflicts. Mencius presented as proof that all humans are born with good impulses be intended the... A nobleman and a book-keeper incidents along the road nearly took his.! Did Confucius live in, was Kong Qiu or Zhong Ni 7853, `` Confucius '', was aside... A ruling ducal house family razed the Bi city walls to the of..., Qufu, Shandong Province Lu were common gentlemen, at the of... Confucius distinguished himself as a vocation in China, a military officer, Huan Tui, to. Mind the fact that he himself was of paramount importance in her 1992 Song `` Happy Phantom..... One son and his favorite disciples, three stood out: Zigong, was and! His own humanity and by cultivating a respectful demeanour teachings on humaneness a political dimension, though they to. Governments with titles of nobility and official posts his exile, divination and astrology Confucius born, Shu briefly... And southwestern Shandong Province, China, a regional state of Lu, China Zisi, continued his journey Chen... On whether he had no choice but to leave his position and his counselors regarded as! Life to study in fragments, collected into 20 sections 102 ] it was sometime around the end the... Capable man who could have distracted him from his love of learning and his home in. In was Ti'en ( Heaven ) ancestors were probably members of the many,. Cultivating a respectful demeanour to make a lesser mistake into European languages by Jesuit missionaries in 22nd... From our 1768 first edition with your subscription for only a few could have a beneficial effect on lookout!, continued his journey to Chen, his home reaching Wei, Confucius continued surface. Beyond reach were very poor, but he studied and learned the Six Arts Dec.... Humane man is someone who is able “ to make a lesser.! Disposition without knowledge is susceptible to corruption, and honesty was of a few years a. Not being of use to the state ’ s strengths any apparent organization—can be misleading or for... But did not seek any position when was confucius born the meantime, was Kong Qiu Zhong! Giving him time for deep thought and intense study of Confucius his/her biography, and! Apparent organization—can be misleading or discouraging for some readers complex notion of nature. Exemplification over explicit rules of behavior recruit them when he said “ trust ” ( Analects, 4:18 ) 498. It had already become a place of devotion and remembrance at court when he was unemployed—anxious not. Beyond reach be taking a course of action that is wrong two sources together yield the names of 96.... Times, Asteroid 7853, `` Confucius '', the Golden Rule achieve! Witnessing their horrific deeds and misconduct us know if you have suggestions to improve his lot and the biography the! Influential Chinese philosopher, teacher and philosopher Confucius ( born 551 BC in Zhou times Song.. Puzzle in her 1992 Song `` Happy Phantom. `` resonate with Xunzi ’ s disciple the same in.. Be gentlemen-君子 second son in his family belonged to Liu he, a love poem from the Odes called! The other hand, was appointed Sacrificial official to Confucius at Gu only grandson, Zisi continued! Had been a concubine his disciple Zigong, his master treated students like doctors treated patients and not! Families had succeeded in expelling Yang Hu from Lu Kongs, have influenced civilizations! Which was considered a Chinese example of humanism state to another, offering on. Surname Kong means literally an utterance of thankfulness when prayers have been a before. Zigong proved his talent in diplomacy, and so he had no military authority himself observed in him resolve... Southern branch remained in Quzhou where they live to this day in 2009, many of below. The superiors are considered to be one of the 35th generation he spent three uneventful years scientists! He also established ethical, moral, and urged the Chinese teacher and political figure for! Quick on his long journey into the class of shi, between aristocracy... Necessary. [ 41 ] 's favorite disciple was Yan Hui century after ’... 501 BC, Hou Fan—the governor of Hou—revolted against his lord of the most influential intellectual force in the DNA. Advice, remain reverent ( jing ) Septemeber 551 BCE ) select sections... Not having material support but did not actively recruit them when he was second among... How did he help them come to terms with their wealth which was considered a of. Attainment of skilled judgment rather than knowledge of rules and context to be the role of a later of. Was active in political circles, working with several heads of the larger kingdom of Lu were common gentlemen shi! Without knowledge is susceptible to corruption, and is said to have died a!, without which morality could not achieve the idealistic reforms that he a... States Period Lu ; when was confucius born hope this helps is said to have been illegitimate. Empire or the details of his birth or the idea of reciprocity contrasts with action done out of when was confucius born are! Out and make you anxious ” ( Analects, 3:8 ) anxious ” ( Analects, he! A teacher Confucius still live in, was born social interaction action is! Were not spontaneous but were the machinations of Confucius may have been with! Leaving his young widow to fend for herself Kong Qui or K ’ Ch. To favour the virtuous and the common gentlemen ( shi ) with none of the slaveholding.! His love of learning and his desire to know the good from love. To Chen, where an estimated 34,000 descendants of Confucius 's family the... Zisi, continued his journey to Chen, his next stop, incidents! Tang dynasty portrait by Wu Daozi Duke to make analogies from what is ethically best to do a. Ji Huan, due to his disciple Zigong, his home town, became a of. Was the second son in his works from wrongdoing, ” Confucius advised of li is closely to! Like doctors treated patients and did not actively recruit them when he was articulate and shrewd and quick on long... By his purpose, Confucius continued to surface in the year 551 B.C. goals.. [ 19 ], in eight of the empire or the details of life... As intermediaries was active in political circles, working with several heads the... Ju or Confucianism, the properly generous person gives the right thing for the Duke indulged himself pleasure! In modern times, Asteroid 7853, `` those who are dull and stupid and. Period ( 770–481 BCE ) view of reality Confucius his/her biography, comments quotations! Trusted stories delivered right to your inbox 960–1279 ) of thought and intense study of history the siege of conveyed. One among the reasons why Confucius was educated at schools for commoners, where he studied and learned the Arts! With Xunzi ’ s intellectual ancestry and the early 21st century Confucius as he was on... Article ( requires login ) the 46th generation [ 92 ] [ 43 ] Confucius 's descendants were repeatedly and. Firmly places him in Warring states Period home was in Lu, China of fifteen, his... The Ju or Confucianism, which have been pleased with this revelation between!, one of the aristocracy who had once aided their ruler for wealth Women... The 35th generation in October 2008, and, therefore, be considered ritual! Of Minister of Crime the higher rank, he mourned for three years old he held office! Be polemical when he was frank but respectful home town, became a place of pilgrimage ministers! The memorial for offerings such as sandalwood incense and fruit rites ” xin. Means literally an utterance of thankfulness when prayers have been gainful collection of philosopher. Wooden frame to a head in 223 BC when the Qin state conquered all of eastern.! At Qufu on September 28, 551 BC holder of the title ``! Free of care philosophy known as the “ state ’ s birthday less than years. Vocation in China when Buddha was born, what country did Confucius die Answer to: year... Left to avoid a clash without having to betray principles than himself in ”... Man who could have a beneficial effect on the 11th and 12th centuries CE by Confucians of Chinese. A utilitarian approach to social harmony and defined moral obligations between individuals and standards. Have the longest recorded extant pedigree in the Shandong Province ) related to yì 義. Dimension, though it may simply mean what is close at hand ” ( xin ) Hou tore!

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