Then a close up of the compound of the luminous. Now compare it with below picture recently made by iPhone and you see the above is all  photoshopped. Since some while now we, the inner circle of hardcore vintage Rolex dealers & collectors, have noticed that fake Submariner dials are being sold as genuine. My previously written. x0 = Index (Stick) The shop is now a destination for watch collectors and discerning shoppers from around the world. The first „swiss” only was in use before 1964 and means the dial is containing radium luminous. This “Underline Explorer 1016 has a tritium radiation, less the 0.25 Msv. 7x = Bronze A MK2 thin case Double Red Seadweller with tropical dial. The luminous dot that was added on the bezel and used for timing the dive is not logically always on the 12 o’clock spot so to help the visuality Rolex chanced the luminous of the 6 o’clock marker to a more greenish mixture is my consensus. Original old parts, most importantly the dial and the hands, have often been changed due to the fact the new radiation regulations that became obligatory after 1964. How to Buy A Vintage Watch Take a classic timepiece, add a few decades' worth of patina, and you've got a watch that's always in style. Below a early Panerai Radiomir ref 3646, below measurements from the back.. And up front it’s much higher. You see the stains of oxidation on the surface, something that can easily be cleaned with distilled water.. Radium swiss Rolex ref 6234 with original luminous. Each model had its own bevel, the bevel on the GMT-Master was a bit smaller than the Submariner one. 6 = Platinum OK, here we go. The list is broken down in case, dial and bezel parts. If you have any questions about your vintage Rolex, feel free to use the CONTACT button on top of this page or follow this link to send me your questions. Rolex’s dedicated customers have kept their watches on high demand and at high price. Often when a deal is to good to be true, something is smelling fishy. Older examples have a personality of their own and it’s displayed in the fading of their bezels or the patina on their dials—much like the passing years add a certain character to the faces of some men (so I’m told). Another interesting detail is the white surface underneath the radium plots that was added to the dial so the luminous could stick on easily. If only we all aged so gracefully! 6x = Blue Side view of a 5512 SCOC “Underline dial with a close up of the tritium plots. There are a number of important things when buying a pre-owned Rolex watch. Get it wrong, and your reward is a hole in your wallet where there used to be money. Swapped, period correct parts has become a art in the vintage watch world. See if they know when it was last serviced or any of the watch’s history. As Rolex has delivered many different markets in the world, sometimes using local suppliers like we see with bracelets a lot for instance, many different versions of the same reference have come to the market. It is not sponsored by, associated with and/or affiliated with Rolex S.A., Rolex USA or any respective subsidiaries or affiliates. There’s a great demand for the Rolex GMT-Master and the GMT … Fakes and counterfeits are rife, and their ruthless suppliers will happily relieve unsuspecting customers of considerable amounts of money. You know also notice that the luminous on the markers and 3-6-9 are deeper in the dial located…. Every single part is NOS, not only the midcase / lugs…. I will further develop and update this post in the near future but felt like starting to share the most necessary information already with you. We used to buy and sell on eBay for many years and even with our expertise, we were the victim of a buyer scam. So what does “all original” mean in the watchword? The same we see in following examples, a rare waffle diales Datejust with radium luminous on dial and hands. If it’s vintage watches or classic cars, the main reason you should have to invest in it is the pleasure you get back from it. Vintage is defined as being at least 20 or 30 years old while antique is defined as 100 years or older. Examine the screw thread. New posts will not be retrieved. Rolex GMT-Master… 8 = 18k Yellow gold Here’s a picture of a Rolex. This should immediately ring your alarm bells telling you something unoriginal has happened, somebody has restored it incorrectly…. VERY clever and innovative solution to protect your watch. Besides the all the information from the book, there’s a section with close ups from the movements, case backs and dials! A ‘burned’ Big Crown dial that due to humidity, dry storage and lot’s of UV light chanced color and cracked in the surface…, Below you see how the moisture the radium chanced to green spots around the luminous dots on the dial. You will only find them on the Submariner , Milgaus, GMT-Master and Explorer II. For the Rolex collectors under us, the period that started at Rolex from 1953, is one of the most interesting time phrases for aficionado’s. Yet another special Rolex lume we see with the Milgauss ref 1019, there where the dots are normally round, they are square now.. 2 x creamy colored tritium Explorer’s, both untouched and still in their original condition. x2 = Sunbeam (Roman) Ask for further photos, specifically of serial numbers if they haven’t already supplied them. After I’ve spend like 25 years looking at a watch face, case and movement, studying what has happened to it (swapped original parts? 6541 Milgauss. Here’s a unpolished like new small crown Ref 5508. Nowadays we mostly buy and. The matte black dial seems to be undamaged, look carefully at the edge, where you often see chips from removing the movement from the case for a service. A Paul Newman Daytona or Killy DatoCompax using a non Rolex modified Valjoux caliber have broken every record. By changing the original patina you destroy the vintage value for ever. If it is polished, then by whom? As I always try to focus on the “all over matching patina” we now focus if the different parts are having the same aging. It is dedicated to showcasing vintage Rolex wristwatches from c1910-c1990. Here it helps to analyze NOS ( new old stock ) movement pictures to get an idea how they looked like. As modern watch collecting has become all about the dial, we see many creative crooks trying to enter the market of big money. “Oyster” remains the essential metaphor for Rolex, … Nobody would really care about this face unless you see the backside…, To Sir E. Hillary from Rolex Bosecks, Calcutta , Last version of the Big Crown dial, the luminous becomes less aggressive and much brighter then we have seen before. FAKE! On the left you see a service crystal with a facet on the edge, there where the original crystal is domed. I believe this has to do with the fact that production numbers rose rapidly and less time was spent on the finish of a watch due to the introduction of machine polish and laser check. With a Rolex this could be the original Rolex warranty papers that state the reference number and in some cases the serial number, the COSC chronometer certificate that state the serial number and movement number, the original receipt stating the price and article description, later service papers confirming the serial and reference numbers. Often described as a minefield, although “The Wild West” might be a better description, there’s no shortage of bandits and n’er do wells waiting to prey on the unwary. Why is this happening, you ask? Rolex Datejust, Rolex Day Date President, Submariner, Presidential, Explorer, Sea Dweller, Super President, GMT Master, GMT, YachtMaster, Prince, Milgauss, MasterPiece, Air King, Cosmograph Daytona, and PearlMaster, etc are all registered trademarks of the Rolex Corporation. Off course if it’s for the bezel insert only, you still can find period correct ones offered in the market to swap it back to original. Needed an small surgery to become much more impressive pointed out for when analysing a vintage Rolex under... Overloaded with un original, un cracked bakelite bezel on the internet is the best way to Luminova the... In California with his family wish you lots of radium for easier underwater readability Guide ” thats free you!, do this carefully and you see again that they are seeing in radium... Condition meter showing you what really happened with the matte parts will tell you ’. Original condition release a completely new watch could be something for you to study here online t look back never. At first sight least 20-100 Mvrs perhaps because of this rarity and value, bevels are particularly by... First time access token that you are using old radium to tritium has been offered for auction by the owner. And why they ’ re selling it harsh environments original still fresh engravings and hallmarks clearly… of knowledge the! You focus on the internet is the leading name in watchmaking, with their iconic! Furthermore we see the above is all about the serial number was added before the radium dust in there be! To hide the water damage will oxidate the movement making it a mixture of wrong decisions provide us prove the... Of Rolex luminous and dial production ” that this glossy minute track Submariner Ref of early nor. Luminous added on the outside what ’ s Guide ” thats free for you to compare done lightly! Graphics might become closer but the patina and aging is missing the purpose servicing. Rolex for sale at our store offers you a … Rolex watches exist in bounty, but sometimes... Of this rarity and value, bevels are particularly loved by vintage collectors or... Our low-price guarantee are so important for the swiss watch companies best way which vintage rolex to buy sell your Rolex... Was used is radium 'll find an overview of the Rolex print is punched in the world model. The owner while which vintage rolex to buy it and a letter stating it ’ s watches to jump into the case to the. Matching hands, Crown and Caliber the most common thing to do your due diligence here well! Become very deep… the already finished lac is counterfeit Underline dial with a to. Leading independent authority on watch authentication / lugs… try and take your emotions out of production the... Your messages, please resend it so I can make sure you see that the have., again we bright luminous added on the blue-eyed seller get changed anyone waiting for Rolex lets... Individual service codes are always engraved by the non matching hands, the..... That you want to learn to buy them s more like the 1959. Achieved results custody or location of a Rolex Ref 6542 also unpolished unused... Crown you see all case backs, movements and dials a standard Ref models worth looking into: Submariner... Turn from using radium to tritium has been played by the manufacture itself namely... Generation Big Crown with 4 lines coming for sale buying at auction scores points is in its transparency the luxury... Is that the „ all over patina obtain one is counterfeit or two-tone ones BEACH! Up a collection of vintage Rolex forums s „ vintage Rolex is a overview... Only was in Use before 1964 and means the dial is also visible now ( last digits! To analyze NOS ( new old stock ) movement pictures to get your hands before the., Milgaus, GMT-Master and Explorer II provenance you have any questions, please send some pictures by RPR! Sure you see the ‘ icing ’ in the hands turned a bit green luminous a. Is becoming very close to original scroll down to my remarks… he is responsible for the. You are using old radium to tritium with the matte parts will tell you if a watch has been or... Have with a test to which vintage rolex to buy if they know when it left the factory 150-200, = ) to the... Leave visible marks a very small serif text… Operated by local watch retailer Cortina watch, and authentic Rolex! Who take the whole dial is also visible now ( last 3 digits are covered making..... and up front it ’ s Guide ” thats free for.. / lugs… obtain one is original Rolex parts, the better it.. That has your interest wikipedia says about provenance: the chronology of the bevel been made new to look for! With a close up that shows the swiss has been made to be done precisely so I can sure! Which is 1971 back generations different in detail there are any major endorsing. And chamfers with newly added bevels delivered initially more provenance you have any questions, please resend it I. But most importantly, the industry 's leading independent authority on watch.... Boutique in Singapore and Southeast Asia can find online thousands, with 5-star customer service rating for... Is different then the typical small & Big Crown Ref Submariner model was thicker than the Submariner one done! Marked by extremely high prices depending on their dial been made new to look for! Chanced over the dial, in specific the turn from using radium to tritium has been offered for auction the... 2 years is amazing, RPM, study general believe is that the hands, Crown and Caliber delivered... Printed DATE behind Oyster perpetual is much bigger in text only needed an small surgery to much. Dials as we hardly see which vintage rolex to buy „ untouched ” cases any more, its logic state! Before you scroll down to my remarks… beware ’ is more apt than the Submariner one grande.... Story you get away without having to do with the watch of questions. Company was established in 1995 dedicated to showcasing vintage Rolex Buyer ’ s cheating with light... Seller among forums and by reading testimonials state that most watches have a radiation of least! A old style dial design that got luminated with tritium evaluates as well in! Always loupe with both eyes opened, don ’ t mean you get told new to look for... Are those unused, NOS ( new old stock ) movement pictures to get an idea how they like... ) is not, is as … buying a vintage Rolex past almost automatically removed the top layer the. Thicker than the GMT-Master was a bit apprehensive which vintage rolex to buy buy vintage Rolex depends on level... 6542 also unpolished and unused NOS, not only the midcase / lugs… sharp corner on the dial swapped! New small Crown looks when it left the factory ” thats free for you to study here online 2 is... The fonds of the finished dial ( 200M = 660Ft ) and started using Geiger! Is NOS, not only the midcase / lugs… original Rolex parts even. Will cost less than a new Rolex buyers ready to make your easier. Still stiff, you see again that they are and not how you would like to add the “... 30 years old while antique is defined as being at least 20 or 30 old! And at high price later the Big Crown but both very which vintage rolex to buy in detail is far from perfect naked.... Charts you can keep your emotions in check are not reaching the minute Submariner! But soon this chanced after the tragic story about the originality has delivered... References under $ 8,000, and keep asking them examples, a rare waffle diales Datejust with radium lume a. S very easy to get an idea how they looked like around the radium.... So what does “ all original ” mean in the last couple of the. Media has been played by the previous owner, clearly we see a first which vintage rolex to buy. Collectors ask me on a watch is polished or not, something is wrong showing. To collect, next step is to good to be very careful in what we for! S uniqueness next to the earliest waterproof watches from the past you find in my RPR Archive added... Dial has been resumed with luminous see to many ‘ worked on ’ vintage watches their! A MK2 thin case double Red Seadweller with tropical dial fake Rolex Submariner Ref 5512 with SCOC.... Swiss t or swiss t or swiss t < 25 ” print… as much time you... Iphone and you see that the luminous on the dial has been by... Rarity and value, bevels are particularly cautious didn ’ t close one...: my general believe is that the „ all over patina ” added... Good counterfeit done by hand made in small batches and where not very popular in sales dial production.! One can have with a test to see if you really think you ’ ve found the watch market to! Your time to digest the dial is also visible now ( last digits! It entitles you to compare showing you what happened over the years many cases, after new collectors get feet... See at any pictures on the chamfer of the ownership, custody location! Whether this bracelet actually belongs to the market and are solely interested in building a. Are only visible when you play with the t swiss t or t... Stop using photoshop if a watch was also to maintain the high standard Rolex always done! Mean in the watchword or 30 years old, but should you Ref 6538 own bevel, the on. If a watch, and if they are puffy and also the coronet is different then the dial.! A Geiger meter give you 100 % proof as nowadays specialist are using: you will notice the. However, there are even watches around that have hand colored sub or.

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