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Richard and Troy Dennis Tree Service is a licensed and insured family owned business serving greater Birmingham and the areas of Montevallo, Calera, Alabaster, Pelham, Helena, Bessemer, and Chelsea since 1955. We provide residential and commercial 24 hour emergency storm services and have been a BBB member for over 40 years. We take pride in our tree service work including tree cutting, tree trimming, tree removal, tree pruning, tree topping, total tree removal, tree shaping, dead and dangerous tree removal, stump grinding, stump removal, and storm damage claims for trees big or small.

Storm Damage
The wind from an average thunder storm can be enough to push an already weakened tree to its tipping point. Are your trees storm ready? Check these 6 warning signs:

  • Limbs over your roof - With plenty of available sunlight, trees naturally grow over your roof. The larger and heavier their limbs become, the more potential the have to cause damage, especially horizontal branches and those with weak joints.
  • Hollowness and decay - The smallest hole in the trunk can indicate more extensive internal cavities. Even a minor wind can topple such trees.
  • Leaning - Leaning trees are an obvious hazard, with or without a windstorm. We can determine the strength of the tree's root system and the likelihood of it falling given its particular species, angle of lean, size of trunk and canopy.
  • Proximity to utility lines - Preventing loss of power during a storm is a huge motivator to trim nearby branches. According to the Tree Care Industry Association, any tree that has limbs within 10 feet of overhead lines should be considered hazardous.
  • Dead Limbs - Dead or dying limbs (or whole trees) often fall in a windstorm. The longer the rot continues, the more dangerous, and more costly, the removal becomes.
  • Dense Canopy - Thinning a canopy allows for better air penetration and less wind resistance, preventing your trees from toppling in a windstorm. Pruning a canopy can also stimulate turf growth, helping stabilize the soil surrounding the tree.

Let our tree service professionals help you identify the storm-readiness of your trees. We can correct any defects in your trees, including root damage, disease, insects, and wounds from improper pruning.

When a storm does strike, don't be left in the dark. Call us for safe, 24 hour tree removal. Richard and Troy Dennis Tree Service offers free estimates and accepts insurance claims for any storm damage. We will make sure that your business or home is secure and free from any future hazards. We safely and properly performs total tree cleanup.

Follow these tips to make sure your property is safe after wind, tornado, or storm damage:

  • Look for downed power lines
  • Assume fallen power lines are live and contact your local power company
  • Locate and secure other hazards
  • Exit structures that have been damaged by fallen trees or branches
  • Call Richard and Troy Dennis Tree Service for a safe and proper tree removal and total tree cleanup 
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